Nature is more than an inspiration for Clement, it influences who is he and how he sees the world, the decision how he makes when he runs his business, including the use of the materials, recycle and reuse all the little things and responsible suppliers.

The designs are an integration of Clement’s experiences: they are deeply informed by his travels and his interested in nature (insects, water, trees, leafs and flowers), thus, mostly his creations are butterflies, dragonflies and leafs. Each design is the connection of the designer with his passions, the hands that made it and the person who wears it as well. Every little thing has a specific meaning for him and his life.

Lotta Djossou’s
 jewelry always has its own expression, each piece has its own story and meaning behind, that’s why the brand attracts many people around the world. Lotta Djossou’s jewelries are very unique and it could be called one of the kind. Our pieces are worn by many customers, who love to express their personality through their accessories which makes them feel more confident and attractive. They can easily mix and match our jewelry in their daily wear or even in special occasion. 

The collections were presented in a lovely studio in Le Marais, the historic quarter in 4th arrondissement, the centre of Paris, also the place where the designer, Clement, he does and makes all those pieces.
Furthermore, the brand has presented in many different shows and fashion fairs around the world such as Paris, New York, Toronto, Montreal,...

Warm regards, 

Lotta Djossou Paris.